Hello in the most famous pub in Vienna!

LANGE Pub Vienna

The CAFÉ LANGE. It is located in the eighth district of Vienna, Lange Gasse 29. Maybe, you walk past it when you try to find it the first time. The entrance is only a small old wooden door. The house is one of the oldest in this district. The place is quite well known since it was mentioned in a famous novel of Ödem von Horvath, an Austrian author. The pub itself has been opened  40 years ago. It is one of the oldest Irish-English pubs of Vienna and it was the first place in Vienna where you could drink Guinness beer.

When you walk into this pub you will find an impressing cosy place. The three rooms of the pub are arranged like a long tunnel. The first room is dominated of a very long wooden bar on the left side. On the left cupboard you will realize a really impressing collection of Irish and Scottish Whiskey bottles. In recent years some regulars and the owner of the pub have built up the Austrian-Irish Society of Cultural Exchange, which means the import of Irish music and whiskey to Austria and to the Lange. On the right shelves behind the bar the regular guests’ beer glasses are stored. Each of the guests has a glass with hers or his name and a special sign on it which is typical for the person.

Das LANGE Pub Bar in ViennaYou definitely would enjoy a visit to the Lange even if you were there on your own. Sit down at the bar which is like a communicative centre and you soon will find yourself in both fun and serious philosophical discussions across the bar. The guests come out of a wide variety of Austrian regions and international countries (Germany, Canada, England, Ireland, Hungary and so on). The people there in the Lange are out of nearly each stratum of society and profession. You will meet medical doctors, therapists, sociologist, lawyers, politicians, artists (i.e. the actors of the English Theatre), business men, students, teachers, taxi drivers, a gardener, a plumber, a painter and many others. The regulars are of every age from round eighteen to eighty.

The Lange is open Monday till Sunday from 6 p.m.
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